Welcome to We Talk about Sex
Anne Campbell (formerly Dr Anne Moir)
and John Campbell
We warmly welcome you to our website ‘We Talk About Sex’. Our mission statement is very simple, clear and sincere.
“It is our deepest desire that the love lives of all people with whom we interact, including ourselves, be enriched and uplifted as a result of our association”.
We deeply trust that all of you will enjoy a more fulfilling and nourishing love life as you experience, what we call, ‘SOULSEX’. This is the title of our latest book, in production, which explores ‘The Art and Science of Sense-Sational Love Making’.
The subject of sex has suffered for generations from much guilt, shame and secrecy. Yet it is something, which is perfectly natural, totally innocent, and a beautiful means of extending love.
It is our sincere belief that when couples are shown a better way of making love, and then experience it for themselves, it will deepen and strengthen their relationship regardless of their age or duration of their partnership.
The benefits of this will extend to every area of their lives and the lives of everyone with whom they interact. This is our guarantee to you.
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