Brainsex Matters Questionnaire
The Brainsex Matters questionnaire is available in PDF and MS Word document format. Please select your preferred format.
We would be most grateful if you would email or post your questionnaire back to us so that your results can be included in our study. All individual results remain wholly confidential.
Return by post
If you would prefer to print, complete the questionnaire by hand and return it by post, please download either the MS Word or PDF document below.
Please post to: Dr Anne Moir, Brainsex Matters, 21 Sterne Street, London W12 8AB
Brainsex Matters Questionnaire (MS Word 2007 and above required)
Return by email
If you would prefer to return the questionnaire by email, please download the MS Word document below and email it to
Brainsex Matters Questionnaire (MS Word 2007 and above required)
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